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Love (Instrumental)

This song is on Joel Gamble's 2011 album, Splinters.

Gershwin Dub

One of Joel's favorites from Splinters.

The pot is on the fire.

SSO is the concept of me, Joel Gamble, with  a  new instrument and a new  plan.   I want to make videos of music being made  by me and my musician friends, for people who crave a new  musical experience. 

A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

My experience  ranges from church organist to 7-string  electric violinist rocking out on the deck of an aircraft carrier.  My latest pursuit is a new 24-string instrument called a “Harpejji”.  I hope to find an audience by making  unique video song productions and publishing them. music recording music performance


I’ve been blessed with opportunities  to experience music from all over the world. Creating my own new music and sharing it will hopefully enrich someone else’s experience. 


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